Bar tray as an advertising medium

Not everyone is aware of the growing role that the bartender tray plays in today’s world. Not only is it a practical tool that facilitates the work of bartenders or waiters, but it is also an invaluable way to promote a brand. Counterintuitively, it is this small piece of bar equipment that can become one of the key elements of a marketing strategy. How? Read on and you will see that a bartender tray is not just a place for beer mugs and glasses.

Creative brand exposure

The bartender tray is the ideal place to display a logo or other distinctive graphic elements of a company. Because of its location in catering establishments, you can be sure that the crowds of customers will have the opportunity to come across your advertisement. What is more, the tray is an object that is used for the entire duration of the event, so that the advertisement is constantly exposed. It is a subtle but extremely effective form of promotion – discreet enough not to disturb attendees, yet visible enough to be memorable.

Tray as an eco-friendly step

By using trays made of recyclable materials, you can promote not only your brand, but also your care for the environment. Trays made from recycled materials symbolise a greener and more responsible way of doing business, which can be extremely appealing to many customers. Research shows that more and more people are paying attention to the environmental aspect when choosing products or services. Bartender trays made of recyclable materials are therefore a great way to emphasise the company’s commitment to environmental issues.

Personalization options

Bartender trays, which can be found in the range of the plastic articles manufacturer – NOEX, are products that can be very easily adapted to the needs of a specific company or premises. With today’s technology, a variety of designs, graphics and inscriptions can be applied to the surface of the tray. Creativity is key here – you can choose subdued, elegant designs as well as more avant-garde or bold ones. It all depends on the marketing concept of the company and the target group you want to reach. Examples of personalisation include trays with the company logo, its advertising slogan or a special graphic motif.

In summary, a bartender tray can become one of the pillars of brand promotion in the catering industry. If you are entrusted with the marketing of an establishment or product related to the wider catering industry, it is worth considering the inclusion of bartender trays in your advertising strategy. The use of recycled trays can further emphasise a company’s green values.